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"Everyone knows cashmere is not heavy and keeps you warm, but its the shape of the Red Twist that is just right. There are many sweaters in this shape, but yours is the only one that hangs right because it won’t bunch up in the back, but will totally cover your front. I’ve worn it flying, and it is perfect, but I also wore it going out and it looked chic."

—Demet, New York, New York

"I LOVE your wraps. I first saw them in a '10 travel essentials' article, and they were right — now I don't leave home without one. I have used it as a blanket on an unexpected layover, count on it in over-cool airplanes, and found it to be just the right weight on 4 continents. Although I am hopeless with scarves, I have actually figured out several ways to arrange it that work well for different activities. The first one I got, in the eggplant color is a lovely neutral and serves me well, but right now I am swooning over my new one, the burnt orange, which goes with so many things — its a gorgeous shade."

— K. Connolly, Washington, D.C.

"I recently wore it for the first time on a 6-hour flight and it was wonderful. It was so cozy and unlike other wraps, I liked the way it actually wrapped… perfect length."

— Kellie Gentile, West Newbury, MA

"Wrapping up in this cashmere is like giving yourself a giant hug all day long. And the look is beautiful – I get compliments on mine all the time. I own one in cream and am planning on getting a second one in brown!"

—Emily Shoff, Telluride, CO

"I travel a lot and this is always the first thing I pack. It’s my must-have because it looks so good, but is also really cozy."

—Amy Lovellette, Baltimore, MD

"For me, it’s a must-have for my over-air conditioned office. I keep one at the office and several at home. As a frequent traveler, I always bring one on flights because it keeps you warm without the bulk of a big, chunky sweater."

—Danielle Natonson, Chicago, IL

"My cashmere wrap is my favorite thing in my closet.

— Laura Avery, Austin, TX

"This is not an exaggeration, but I’ve worn my gorgeous wrap most every day since I received it. It’s become my favorite thing in my closet. I can dress it up or down, and it’s so scrumptious, it borders on being decadent."

—Brenda Ray Coffee, San Antonio, TX

"So many people have stopped me to ask where I got my wrap. It truly is perfect for so many occasions – movies, airplane, or dinner. The cashmere makes it soft and cozy and the cut makes it elegant."

—Andrea Dickstein, Mercer Island, WA

"These wraps are my favorite because they keep you warm without being too heavy. Perfect for the ever-changing San Francisco weather!"

—Sara Thomas, San Rafael, CA

"My Red Twist cashmere wrap is luxurious and so cozy. It’s as casual or formal as I want it to be. It takes me from yoga to the grocery store to an afternoon play date to dinner with my husband. I love it!"

—Karen Pipski, Houston, TX

"Not young, not tall, I questioned whether a Red Twist sweater would flatter me. Worry not, “one size fits all” should read — one size fits and flatters EVERYBODY. It is now my go-to sweater, which I can dress up for meetings or travel in and feel put together."

—Audrey Sheppard, Chevy Chase, MD

"Just to let you know the wrap arrived today safe and sound. It is so beautiful – I’m really happy with it."

—Paula Sward, Tasmania, Australia

"Wanted to let you know that I love the wrap and it was perfect for the airplane. Although I’m much less svelte, I have found a way to wear it that looks great for me."

—Pat Neher, Austin, TX

"LOVE my new Red Twist Wrap! I feel great wearing it — because it looks chic and cool; it makes think about the girls in China and like I am doing something to help."

—Heather Mayes Gleason, Takoma Park, MD

"The cashmere is gorgeous and I love the charcoal color, too."

—Cathy, Winnetka, IL

"I LOVE it! So comfortable and looks good with everything. Might need to consider getting additional colors. Thank you for creating this."

—Martha Whittier, South Kingston, R.I.

"I was worried about how “one size fits all” it would really be – I am just over 6′ tall and lots of “one size fits all’ don’t fit me. This does!"

—Kate C., Washington, D.C.

"Love Love Love it! Ordered one for my mother and now want one for myself! Gorgeous, soft, light weight, like being wrapped in a warm hug."

—Jan Steele, Ottawa Canada

"Having worked in the magazine industry for many years, I have seen a lot of trends and can say with confidence that this wrap will be one of my fashion staples for years to come. The cashmere is so soft, the design is really functional and the colors are gorgeous – it has become my go-to accessory this fall."

—Cathie Black, former president and chairman, Hearst Magazines

"I love my sweater. It is the perfect weight…not too heavy and not too light. I’ve worn it three times in the past month and each time I get compliments on the color."

—Joanna, Austin, TX