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Tis the Season

No, not that season. The holiday season is not upon us yet, although that will be here soon enough. The season I am referring to is football season when girly girls like myself are forced to go sit in cold football stadiums to support their partner’s passion for the gridiron.

Whether it be the Longhorns, the Badgers, the Orangemen or now here in Seattle, the Dawgs – I’ve been dragged to my share of college football games and had to figure out how to stay warm in those stadiums without wearing those blankets with sleeves. A girl has got to have some standards.

So, this is where a bit of the shameless self-promotion comes in. What could be better than a cashmere sweater wrap for these events? They wrap all the way around you and keep you warm throughout the game, but you can still walk out of the stadium demanding some respect.

My favorite brand (completely biased, of course), Red Twist, has wraps in 15 colors, so you might even find your home team’s color and resolve the other impending fashion crisis which is how to pull off burnt orange?!? It’s a tough one and not many of your favorite designers are debuting that color this Fall.

There are numerous versions of this coveted item, so it doesn’t have to be my favorite brand. Many designers have similar styles with one goal (no pun intended) in mind – to keep a girl wrapped up and warm.

I recently came across this great website, called Broke, but Bougie, whose slogan is “Living the cashmere life on a cotton budget” and features fantastic fashion finds and style tips. But, in this scenario, cotton is not going to get the job done. You can wrap up for a whole season in cashmere and avoid those cotton football t-shirts, which are so appealing in September, but you are ready to trash by now.

Although Phyllis Diller’s infamous quote,” The reason women don't play football is because 11 of them would never wear the same outfit in public” is no longer applicable, the fashionista’s desire for warm, hip and fabulous has not changed. So, before you head out to that stadium with only a warm beer to warm you up, heed my advice and wrap up.