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  • Helping Our Girls Rise
  • Amy Cooper
Helping Our Girls Rise

My husband and I are constantly struggling to get our children to realize how lucky they are to be living in the U.S. Prior to moving here, we spent five years living in China and traveling Asia, where we saw extreme poverty and witnessed many of the issues that children in developing countries face.

Needless to say, upon our return to the U.S., our three girls quickly put the problems of the world on the back burner as they adjusted to a much easier life back in the U.S. And despite my husband's occasional (and ignored) threats that their summer vacation may include an internship working at a Chinese brick factory if they misbehave, their biggest worry is whose turn it is to do the dishes that night rather than the larger issues of the world about which we would like them to be thinking.

And it has remained that way with us striving to teach them that third-world problems are very different from the first-world problems we experience here.

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  • Amy Cooper