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  • Understanding Cashmere
  • Amy Cooper
Understanding Cashmere

In Christmas pasts, I would navigate through the holiday rush trying to find that standard holiday gift, the perfect cashmere sweater for my sister or Mom. As I shopped, it would always surprise me to find $80, $200 and $400 cashmere sweaters. I would ask, "What's the difference?"

In Christmas present, I am the one selling the cashmere, but still hearing that question about the price variation. What makes good cashmere? And how do you avoid that beautiful sweater that is going to start pilling the first time you wear it?

After five years living in China, home to many of the goats of the world and, therefore, much of the cashmere production in the world, I have learned quite a bit about this fabric. It became clear that all cashmere is not created equal.

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  • Amy Cooper