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  • There’s Work To Be Done
  • Amy Cooper
There’s Work To Be Done

As the world watches in horror and keeps their fingers crossed for the safe return of the 300-plus girls captured in Nigeria, there has been much confusion. How can the US help? Do the captors’ demands for a prisoner exchange warrant consideration? Who is that barbaric to target girls who want to learn?

There has also been much head scratching. There are many in the world that spend their days advocating for equal gender education and sometimes think they are making some progress. Small battles are won. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon announces, “There is no more valuable investment than in a girls’ education”.  And large efforts are recognized. Malala Yousafzai is nominated for the Noble Prize for her work to bring attention to this critical issue and has received an influx of funding from donors who want to support her efforts.

So, sometimes, just sometimes, you think that this type of lunacy is in the past. Then, Boko Harem kidnaps innocent girls in his quest for a pure Islamic state. And we start scratching our heads again thinking, “How can this be?”

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  • Amy Cooper